Why this Blog?

Why? Seriously, Why?

The key is to ask Why. Not What. Not How.

Any commercial or social initiative should start and live with answering the question: Why are we doing this? Why are we launching this Product? Why are doing this community project? Why are we fighting for this change? Why am I writing this blog?

Unless you answer this Why, the What and How are useless.

It does not end there. You need to define and more importantly, relate the why in terms of the value that your customers or community gets. We have launched this job search site because we want our customers to be able to find the jobs they would love. We have started this brain cancer awareness project because we want our community to be able to diagnose and get treated early and have a better life. We are fighting for change to the social security system because we want more benefits for our senior citizens.

Unless your Why relates to some value for your customers or community, the what and how do not matter.

Why I am writing this blog? I love to write – but that does not relate to any value for others. I love to share what I know, help with what I have learnt and advise with what I have experienced (heck, my colleagues even voted me for “Let Me Tell You” award) – specially when it relates to Knowledge Workers, their management and their productivity. These are the people and issues I work with daily – and this is where I want to make the world a little better place to live and work in!


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