Happy Birthday Thinking Spirits!

So, finally it’s a year of blogging. Happy Birthday to all of you!

My first real post was It Depends. It shows I was confused from the start. I had to even write a It Depends – 2 the following week.

And interestingly, this post is the 50th on the blog – almost 1 post per week. Good, but can be better.

And though Change Sucks, but change is good – so you can see a new theme for the blog!

In the spirit of last two posts on value of measurements, I decide to do some measurements of my own for the blog. And since Appearance Matters, I put them into infographics.


I have managed to consolidate all writings into 5 core themes – Knowledge Work, Leadership, Communication, Productivity and Time Management. The 50 posts are distributed like:



Most of the referral traffic have been through tools like Facebook and StumbleUpon. They have been great assets. They work while I sleep.

I looked at how all the posts did and as expected not all were equally popular. They formed more a Power Law than a normal distribution. Posts related to tools, processes or specific items were more popular than my philosophical ramblings!

This is something for me to look at – is the Power distribution ‘normal’ for a blog content?


Interestingly, views in every country formed a Power distribution as well. Top 10 countries accounted for 90% of views, the top 2 being United States and Pakistan (you can guess where my relatives are!).

viewspercountry        countrymap

Now you should really be convinced of the Power of the Power Law.

I did a Wordle analysis for my most commonly used words. Here is what I got – I have no idea why I use ‘Continue’ so much. Something to look at – power of measurement working here!


I am glad words like Reading, Time, Improvement, GTD, Measurement, Books made it through.

What have been my favorite posts (after all, I wrote them!)?

Many, but I guess The New Manager and the P-A-C, Leverage the Mavens and Compilers are easy, People are Difficult have been more fun. All philosophical. You can measure the almost negative correlation between fun and popularity!

Many thanks to everyone who helped me – the readers, guest writers and advisors! There have been plenty and they have been great.

And in the spirit of measuring – I managed to link back to 14 of my previous posts on this post alone – that’s a track back to 28% of all my content.

I am getting carried away now.

But that’s okay – it’s birthday. I can date myself! (It’s 15 now).


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Thinking Spirits!

  1. Congratulations Ather and excellent recap. I enjoyed it so much.

    As a regular reader of your blog, the biggest gain for me have been how much new things I learned with so much ease. Keep that magic going!

  2. Congratulations Ather. I totally agree with Majd. I have learnt so much from your blog and some of the posts are really enlightening. I can apply most of them to the real life job experiences. Keep up the good work.

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